SamplingSchemeQSpaceIncrementalEstimation  [--returnparameterfile
                                        <std::string>] [--xml] [--echo]
                                        [--debug] [--elecOrder <double>]
                                        [--weight <double>] [--criteria
                                        [--tessOrder <int>]
                                        <std::string>] [--fineOrientations
                                        <std::string>] [--numberOfSamples
                                        <std::vector<int>>] [--]
                                        [--version] [-h] <std::string>


   --returnparameterfile <std::string>
     Filename in which to write simple return parameters (int, float,
     int-vector, etc.) as opposed to bulk return parameters (image,
     geometry, transform, measurement, table).

   --processinformationaddress <std::string>
     Address of a structure to store process information (progress, abort,
     etc.). (value: 0)

     Produce xml description of command line arguments (value: 0)

     Echo the command line arguments (value: 0)

     debug (value: 0)

   --elecOrder <double>
     order for the calculation of Electrostatic energy. (value: 2)

   --weight <double>
     Weight for single shell term, 1-weight for mutiple shell term. (value:

     Criteria Type. (value: DISTANCE)

   --tessOrder <int>
     Tessellation order for the fine orientations. (value: 7)

   --initialOrientations <std::string>
     A given orientations for an intialization.

   --fineOrientations <std::string>
     A given fine orientations. It overrides --tessOrder

   --numberOfSamples <std::vector<int>>
     number of samples in single/multiple shells.

   --,  --ignore_rest
     Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.

     Displays version information and exits.

   -h,  --help
     Displays usage information and exits.

     (required)  Output orientation file(s), single shell or multiple

   Description: Incrementatl estimation for single and multiple shell
   sampling scheme.


   SamplingSchemeQSpaceIncrementalEstimation grad_90_ISC.txt
   --numberOfSamples 90

   SamplingSchemeQSpaceIncrementalEstimation grad_90x3_ISC.txt
   --numberOfSamples 90,90,90


   Jian Cheng, Dinggang Shen, Pew-Thian Yap, Peter J. Basser, 'Single- and
   Multiple-Shell Uniform Sampling Schemes for Diffusion MRI Using
   Spherical Codes', IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (TMI),

   Author(s): Jian Cheng (

   Acknowledgements: Thank you everyone.