DMRITool  v0.1.1-139-g860d86b4
Diffusion MRI Tool


DMRITool is a free and open source toolbox for diffusion MRI data processing. It is written in C++ with matlab interface.

With DMRITool, you can:


Please check the DMRITool website for documentation and more information.


You can download the latest source codes from github:

git clone


See this page for building the source codes.


Citations will help us support the continued development of DMRITool.

If you use the methods and codes released in DMRITool, please cite the related references. See the citation page for details.


DMRITool is/was supported by the following research groups:


DMRITool is a free open source software. It is currently under the GNU General Public License, because it uses GSL for mathematical special functions and SPAMS for some optimization problems.

The software under the license is distributed on an "as is" basis, without warranties. It is user's responsibility to validate the behavior of the routines and their accuracy using the released source code.