License for DMRITool

DMRITool is a free open source software. It is currently under the GPL, because it uses GSL for mathematical special functions and spams for some optimization problems.

The software under the license is distributed on an “as is” basis, without warranties. It is user’s responsibility to validate the behavior of the routines and their accuracy using the released source code.

Licenses for third parties


See folder ThirdParty/Spams. It was modified from Spams which uses GPL license.


See folder QTApplications/vtkviewer. It was modified from vtkviewer which uses Apache License.

Electrostatic point sets

See folder Data/ElectricRepulsion. The electrostatic point sets were copied from CAMINO which is under Artistic License.

Spherical packing point sets

See folder Data/Packing. The spherical packing point sets were copied from Neil J. A. Sloane’ collection.