DMRITool’s documentation

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DMRITool is a free and open source toolbox for diffusion MRI data processing. It is written in C++ with Matlab interface. Currently DMRITool has no GUI. It only provides executables for command line usage. You can also use the released mex executables in matlab.

With DMRITool, you can:

  • perform reconstruction/estimation of diffusion data, including diffusion weighted signal, ensemble average propagator (EAP), diffusion orientation distribution function (dODF), and some meaningful scalar maps, etc.
  • generate spherically uniform sampling schemes for single or multiple shells.
  • perform diffusion MRI data simulation.
  • visualize spherical function field (e.g. dODF field, EAP profile field)

Citations will help us support the continued development of DMRITool. If you use the methods and codes released in DMRITool, please cite the related references. See citation page.


You can download the latest source codes from github:

Or use git:

git clone